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    How To Be Safe From Predatory Assaults

    If someone you loved was attacked, would they survive?

    Women who don't take precautions against predator attacks are living with a false sense of security. They just don't believe it will happen to them or their families. Understand this:

    Seventy percent of all children over age 4 will be assaulted or inappropriately approached in their lifetime. These are current statistics!

    As if that wasn't bad enough, more than half of all rapes happen to girls before the age of 18. How would you feel getting that call from the hospital, telling you to get there as quickly as possible . . .

    My name is Dr. Ren Halverson, and I've taught defense against predators to more than 7,000 students throughout the United States and several other countries. The following information I`m going to share with you is so very important to you and those you care about that it warrants a few minutes of your time and consideration.

    Let me start by telling you that 32 years ago a female karate student of mine in Boston was abducted at dusk in a park at knifepoint. This attack was planned in advance and carried out very smoothly by the assailant, who immediately placed his intended victim in an extremely compromising position, but she kept her composure. Thank God she escaped unharmed, but when she related the incident to me later, we both realized how vulnerable she was. All the students in my class urged me to start a self defense course for all women and children whether they were martial arts students or not. That's how all this came about.

    I visited Rape Crises centers, interviewing some of the prior attack victims. What I learned was absolutely disheartening. After an assault, the victims feel so traumatically violated that it can negatively impact the rest of their lives. I had heard this before, of course, but to actually talk with the victims and see how devestated they were, I knew I had to do something about it. If you saw your own daughter or other family member after such a horrible experience, wouldn't you want to do anything to prevent it from happening again? It became a personal mission!

    I was determined to create a simple, yet effective, preemptive family course that ANYONE, including women of all ages and children, could learn. And learn fast! For all of you that are interested in safety for yourself and your family, I'd like to introduce you to :


    Comprehensive SystematicTraining in Assault Prevention & Defense, with an illustrated booklet breaking down every technique to escape the most common attacks by the most sophisticated and dangerous predators, and step by step DVD for review of the entire program so the entire family can master the material in sequential lessons!

    Please take a minute to look at the following example from the Fearless Defense DVD. I want all of you to realize that the whole course is this easy to understand and learn. And one of you, by looking at this sample right here, may some day put this to use to overcome an attack on you, whether you complete the rest of the course or not. That's how simple and effective the system is to learn.

  • Although you can learn all the techniques described in the book and shown thoroughly on the DVD, the course is best learned through personal instruction in a 4 hour seminar. The instructors on my team are either law enforcement officers or martial artists. All are certified in this program by me personally.

  • Seventy percent of all children over age 4 will be assaulted or inappropriately approached in their lifetime. These are current statistics!